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Republican Despair Season 1 Ep 2

  1. The radical Tom Cotton article that caused all the controversy.

3. The overton window shapes political language.

5. Michael Moore's analysis of the left's election tactics.

6. The democrats attempt to rig the game while the GOP gives up.

7. Mitch Mcconell's perverse priorities.

10. The GOP does not have the will to confront cultural Marxism.

11.Tucker Carlson debates nearsighted republican Mike Braun who believes police brutality is the cause of the riots.

12. Kristi Noem takes a stand to shield our heritage.

13. Ronald Reagan's 1964 speech a time for choosing.

14. Iran one of America's top enemies realizes what the aim of this is.

16. Fauci flip flops on Commie virus.

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