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Cruel Bureaucrats Season 1 Ep 4

  1. While our communities turn to battlefields a few republicans join dems attempt to strip our police of the ability to defend.

2. BLM represents Marxism not black communities.

3. "Bold colors no pale pastels"

4. Joe Biden turns into the Marxist party's puppet.

5. Media campaigns for Joe Biden.

6. Mainstreaming Marxism.

7. Premises of the left.

8. Enough is enough with the anarchy.

9. Commie virus and election politics.

10. U.K. is proof lock downs are being politicized.

11.Thats exactly what I am worried about.

12. Trump plays into the politicization of the commie virus.

13. Commentary on Whitmer's executive order on masks EO 2020-147

14. Jennifer Aniston needs to shut up.

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