We at A Tree Firmly Planted intend to aid Christians of all ages, stages of growth and walks of life to grow in Christ so they can become a tree firmly planted. So they can be prepared to reach a decaying world with God's message. We especially aim to minister to millenials to grow and be rooted in Christ so they can be effective witnesses to the culture.


I do a somewhat weekly podcast called culture wars. I got the idea for this podcast one night while praying. When I originally got the idea I did not know it was going to be turned into a podcast, I just knew that my church needed to have an apologetics ministry to defend our worldview and way of life against an increasingly Godless culture. The content of the podcast covers anything regarding religion and especially politics. You can listen to it on Itunes just type in culture wars on apple podcasts its the on with the eagle picture. Please subscribe to it and leave a 5 star review. You can also listen to it on this site on the page titled culture wars.


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